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  • Avail air service of WestJet: Book online and enjoy facilities with a few clicks

    Based in Canada, WestJet Airlines is recognized for their low-cost air service including top class services of the internal standard. WestJet is the second largest air service provider in Canada. Presently, the airline service is available to over 100 destinations including in Canada, the USA, Caribbean Island, and in different parts of Europe. Every day, the airline carries almost 50000 passengers in 425 different destinations. They have a strong customer service including a dedicated WestJet Airlines booking phone number for any types of inquiries related to the airline.

    Some features and facilities of WestJet

    Baggage: Each passenger with confirmed booking can carry one baggage as per the space available and one personal item. WestJet has some other rules and regulations that need a clear knowledge before the journey starts.

    Carrying Pets: WestJet has a special policy to carry pets in the most comfortable way to keep the pets absolutely easy throughout the journey. Passengers are allowed to carry one pet per set that includes birds, dogs, cats, and rabbits.

    Carrying children and infants: WestJet provides special facilities for children and infants accompanied by their guardians. Passengers can check-in child or infant equipment including car seats for the safe and comfortable journey of the kids.

    Passengers with special needs: Extraordinary care is taken for the passengers having some sorts of physical problems like physical impairment, allergies, hearing impairment, or flyers on any medications.

    Traveling with an assistant: Flyer who needs special attendance can carry a trained person for his or her assistance. WestJet confirms the capability of that personal assistant before allowing the guest to fly.

    Food and beverages: Flyers can avail delicious foods including snacks, sandwiches, soft drinks, juice, tea, and coffee, etc. while on board. The airline has different systems for national and international flights.

    Booking flights and allied matters

    The online booking facility of WestJet is very easy and fast. Even a fast time visitor can buy online tickets without facing any problem. However, the flyers can take help of WestJet airlines booking phone number whenever required. The system involves some steps:

        Searching for flights and availability of seats
        Feeding the webpage with all required information like Name, date of birth, reservation class, number of infants, etc.
        Payment through bank cards or digital wallets.
        Confirming the payment and getting confirmation over mobile and email.

Travelers can also book hotels, rent cars, and book vacations through the official website of WestJet Airlines. Booking through WestJet provides multiple of discounts and other facilities that always surprise the flyers. They can get the latest updates and learn the procedure of availing such discounts and low fare offers from the always active booking phone number dedicated to the service of WestJet guests.